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Organising DevOPs to save SMBs money.  This book shows how to organise for a better level of cybersecurity. 

The book is aimed at Pioneers, Start Ups, and SMBs who wish to develop their Cyber Security culture. It was written so even my 83 year old mother can understand Cyber Security. Root causes such as the raging insecurity of the Internet, Vendors and Subscribers themselves contribute to adversaries and hackers stealing Intellectual Property. This book was even hacked by adversaries - which is the greatest complement! Solutions to these problems are provided and how new IT infrastructures, Reorganizing Agile and DevOps Teams, and implementing Hybrid Clouds can help reduce a companies security exposure and make money. It takes the best of ITIL COBIT and Risk practices and puts this within understandable reach of the new Technology Value Centre. The culmination of the book seeks to help SMBs without any security in place to meet or exceed current regulations and avoid fines.




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Like the Industrial Revolution and the Information Technology Age, this year we started a new Wave headlined as the Golden Wave of the SMB - (the age of the Artisan). Enterprises have already commenced reducing their workforces but are left stranded by legacy infrastructure.

This book lays out a MetroMap for the Roles and Responsibilities for a PIE organization linking DevOps, SecOps, Disciplined Agilists, Alchemists, Resolvers and Audiologists into a OmniOcular Self Determined organization. Deploying new cost effective tools and infrastructure saves money. Craft flows will be handed off out to artisans, specialists, and in particular SMBs. The book introduces Via Ferrata Risk Management and SHAZOPS methods for Secure IT development.

Robotica and automation technology join and the accepted notion of the FTE will disappear. Outsourcing will become Broadsourcing. The way we work today will start to change, no job will be safe or long term. Millennial’s may never work in the way we perceive work now. The age of the four-man company is here: the Boss, the IT guy, the Specialist, and the Robot. Leisure time will increase and a return to cottage industry and artisans will rise. De-urbanisation will be ignited by the Rich/Poor divide gap widens where only the wealthy can afford city housing and prices. Everyone will rely on the Internet. The Internet cannot cope with this in its current design. Cyber security may degrade the Internet so badly to be unworkable.

This book sets out a new way for SMBs to prepare for the change and start Innovating. Cyber Security is the linking of technologies, risk management, people and business continuity practices that protect networks, computers, programmes and information from perpetual unauthorised attacks, damage or access. Information Security is the term associated with managing and control of the SMBs’ information assets (Intellectual Property, Financial, and Customer Data). We are in a cyber security war! An SMB needs to be fleet of foot, to be fast you need to travel light, to ease the burden you need automation, if you need automation you need the right tools, to get the right tools you need people to deliver them, if you can’t afford the tools use the free ones, and if you can't find the people, buy them in. Reliance on IT will be the key to survival so shore up your security posture. Words, Processes, Regulations, and Frameworks written, drawn, and devised do not prevent you getting hacked - only Technology, Tools and Team Members can do this. The systemic disintegration of the Internet will continue and is spiral out of control unabated! Governments cannot stop this wave of cyber insecurity. The Internet will not get fixed anytime soon, and our privacy and credentials have already been stolen. Confidence in the Internet is declining and compounded by subscribers paying our Governments to carry out surveillance on us. Its not about our Freedom of Speech anymore – it is the Freedom to Respond.

The Combat Ready IT model describes how to put up the defences, deploying new technology, tools, and team members. Empower the workforce using Perpetual Improvement Everywhere to add quality and harmony to the Security culture and stance. This guide should help you understand and leverage technology to support a business from One Man Bands to Thousand Strong Choirs.

"Theres a lot of work in this book!!" Vint Cerf





This fun comic introduces us to Sludge and Sweetie - they guide Kids who have access to any web connected device (Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet or Kindle Fire for Kids). There are no rules for kids on how to use the web and so they are potential targets for hackers and cyber bullies. Slimy Siber is a naughty Bomper who tries to ruin Sludge and Sweetie's good works. Kids get a Web Proficiency Certificate for their efforts! 

For Families, Protectors and Educators this rapper style guide is in gamification comic format following a treasure hunt learning method, this combined with rhyming versus and hidden repetition allows parents and kids to both learn together. There are 22 Gold Stars to collect that addresses web etiquette, how to handle depression and cyber bullies, predators and web security tools.Type your paragraph here.